Leaders Are Made Not Born!


Leaders possess many attributes, but skill and experience are the two main staples of a true leader. Experience takes a lot of time and practice, and generally takes years to build up to. Leaders are actually never finished gaining experience because they’re always looking to learn more.

There’s so much more that goes into being a good leader as it relates to business. And there are certainly many people who are  charismatic and can draw people into their way of thinking. These skills aren’t impossible to learn but it takes consistent effort and intent to get there. 

Want to be a Great Leader?

It begins with believing in yourself and your abilities. First, a leader must be a great listener and adept at understanding the team and must make the team believe you work for the team, and not the other way around. What makes a great leader is their ability to easily relate and to effectively cultivate talent and grow people to believe more in their own ability. 

A true leader wants their team to be better than they are and actually wants them to far surpass their own accomplishments.

It’s much more effective and easier for a team member to trust such a person, especially when the words are backed up by example and the leaders actions that empower his team. “Servant leadership” is a term that defines the best kind of leadership in business. 

Servant leadership is a newer concept and may seem somewhat difficult to imagine. Simply, It places the employees above the leaders, and places the leaders below in order to teach and serve everyone else. However, if you study any great leader who is truly respected, not just one who was able to “get the job done”, you’ll easily see that they are more than likely employing this leaserxhip principle, even if it’s not intentional. 

In addition, a true leader also has a mindset focused on growth. A leader is someone who clearly understands that their team has  huge amounts of potential to be tapped and then has the ability to identify where their areas of maximum growth are. A leader is always looking for hidden attributes in people who are always desire learning and growing.  Then the leader will inspire the team member to push the other team members to do the same.

A Good Environment Is Essential

Growing and supporting a successful team isn’t about going through the motions just to make sure they have what’s needed, although you definitely need to empower your team by giving them everything they could possibly need in order to be successful. 

A true leader will have a clear understanding how their team members work, communicate, and what motivates them. A leader must know what their personal goals are and mold them to mesh with yours. Asking personal questions may not be avoidable. Your employee’s end goal may not exactly mirror yours, but you should definitely support them in maximum growth anyway.

Leaders work hard to create a good work environment for their employees’ growth which ultimately translates into growth of the company. Creating a safer work space for employees to communicate and voice their opinions while encouraging them to try new things. It translates into creating a space where team members can grow from their failure.


Leaders are never just born. Instead, they are purposely self made over many years of dedicated hard work, with constant learning, while providing themselves with the necessary building blocks to obtain that necessary experience. Perhaps you’re not a leader JUST YET, but you can aspire to be if you decide to invest the needed time and effort to accomplish the ultimate goal. Then you’ll also inspire your team members to do the same, which was always the main goal!.

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