The importance of regular yacht maintenance and cleaning

Owning a yacht is a dream come true for many. Think of all the lovely brunches, sunny afternoons, and romantic sunsets you could have alongside your friends or a significant other. Any scenery would look like something straight out of a fairytale. However, there’s much more to having a yacht than first meets the eye, especially if you’re interested in renting it while you’re not using it. Regular yacht maintenance and cleaning is a topic rarely discussed. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to become a proud owner of one of these babies, you’ll have to look into it further. We’re happy to discuss our yacht cleaning services and some handy tips and tricks that could significantly make your experience much more pleasant. We are one of the most reputable yacht cleaning companies in and around Fort Lauderdale and the South Florida area.

Make a schedule and stick to it

Make a detailed schedule for cleaning and maintaining your yacht. There are quite a few variables that you need to take into consideration when deciding how long and how thoroughly you’ll need to clean your boat.

Yachts on the larger side (40 feet and up) will be submerged in the water full time. It’s just not very practical to keep them anyplace else since they’re very tough to move. In this case, regular cleaning and maintaining of yachts are of utmost importance. If your boat has to be submerged in a particularly salty body of water, the corrosion will be severe.

A lot goes into the maintenance and cleaning of a yacht, and a regular schedule is imperative. Don’t fail to consult the manufacturer’s manuals to get more information. The more you know, the easier this will be.

A fancy lunch on a yacht that's been maintained and cleaned regularly.

You should maintain and clean your yacht to be able to enjoy it.


Book professional cleaners

Although it might not seem all that necessary initially, booking professional cleaners to maintain and clean your yacht is the best way to stick to a particular schedule. Not only that, but professionals will inevitably do a much better job than you ever could. Finding a company experienced in this sort of work will also be of great help if anything goes awry. They’ll recognize it soon enough and will know how to act on it. Once you’ve found the company that satisfies your needs, be sure to request quotes from them. This will ensure that you’re going into the experience with your eyes wide open.

ELECTROSTATIC DISINFECTION – The Most Effective Way to Kill the  Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Many yachts and other marine vessels are taking increased precautionary measures necessary such as more routine checkups for crew members, new protocols including self-quarantine rules, and professional routine disinfecting of the vessel between each charter group boarding.

We understand that COVID-19 is a serious health threat; therefore our marine electrostatic disinfection services adhere to all CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) guidelines and cleaning standards certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification).  Sanitizing POS only use the most advanced up to date technology and EPA approved disinfectants that are non-toxic safe for humans and animals which are  100% biodegradable.

Find a service that works for you

Take the time to look for a service that has exactly what you’re looking for. Sanitizing pros allow customers to take their time and decide which approach suits them best while guiding them in the right direction. Marine disinfection is a highly recommended service both by the company and the customers. It’s based on using the best equipment and sanitary products possible to keep your yacht maintained and cleaned spotlessly. Marine disinfection will guarantee an impeccably clean dock that you can enjoy any time of the day.

Declutter your yacht before thoroughly cleaning

Before you contact professionals, you need to prepare the terrain. If you’re using the yacht regularly, it’s probably more cluttered than you’d like it to be. Finding a moving company that’ll be able to transport all of your items to a permanent location while the cleaning services do their job might be the best way to go. To find the best movers, you need to have a trustworthy recommendation. Browsing through Best Movers in Florida, you’ll ensure you find the right moving company and get a great bang for your buck.

If you don’t have a moving company that you’ve already worked with, it’s pretty challenging to find someone you deem trustworthy. Using a website that will transparently show all the virtues and flaws of the companies they present could be of great help. Don’t risk hiring a random company since all your valuables will be their responsibility.

What to do with all your belongings while you maintain and clean your yacht

If you want your belongings tucked away somewhere safe for whatever reason, you’ll need to store them in a rented unit. There are many different ways to find the best possible storage. However, if your movers also offer storage services, you won’t have to deal with this step separately.

Storage units that you can use while your yacht's being maintained and cleaned.

While you’re maintaining and cleaning your yacht, make sure to find a reliable company to store your belongings.


System checks are mandatory

No matter the size of your yacht, its systems are large and complex. They need to be cleaned and maintained just as the rest of the boat does. Without it, they won’t be functional. The AC, pumps, air intake, air exhaust, batteries, coolant levels, fuel, and lubrication are just some of the systems that constantly operate while you use your yacht.

While there are owners capable of maintaining and cleaning their yachts and their systems on their own, most owners get regular checks done by professionals. If you’re using your yacht regularly, it’s best to have all your systems checked monthly. This type of service will most likely come to around $200-$250 if your yacht is approximately 40 feet (or slightly above). After they’ve done their job, the professionals will give you a service report summary.

The AC system maintenance

In warmer climates, such as in Florida, the AC needs regular check-ups and cleaning. You should also find professionals that acid flush air conditioning lines on yachts if you want them to function correctly.

Wax your yacht

Every three to six months approximately, depending on many different factors (mostly sun exposure), the topside of your yacht should be waxed. Depending on whether and how the hull might be colored, you’ll need to do this more frequently. Waxing the floors of your yacht might sound a bit unnecessary, but it’s essential if you want your yacht maintenance and cleaning to pay off.

A yacht that's been waxed, cleaned, and maintained.

Waxing, cleaning, and maintaining your yacht are essential.


Make sure to maintain your yacht all year round

Depending on the weather, there are probably certain parts of the year when you won’t use your yacht as frequently. It’s usually during these times that people neglect maintenance and cleaning. This is a huge mistake. As previously stated, especially if your yacht is submerged in a saltier body of water, you need to tend to it regularly.

Yacht maintenance and cleaning during the pandemic

The pandemic has affected nearly every single aspect of life. Yacht cleaning and maintenance are no different. When it comes to covid-19 cleaning, there surely need to be some heightened measures and precaution. Luckily, the Marine Disinfection service is truly the whole package. It’s necessary to take these increased precautionary measures to stay safe. Especially if you’re renting out your yacht, you need to be very careful.

Make sure to maintain social distance while using your yacht until you get vaccinated.

People that are on a yacht and are not socially distancing.

Some extra tips

Here are some additional pieces of advice that you may find helpful on your yacht cleaning and maintenance journey.

  • Because of the corrosion that saltwater can cause, make sure that you check up on your yacht and do everything you can to maintain it. After you take it out, try to do a simple inspection of your engine room to see if there are any leaks.
  • Have a yacht maintenance log lying around. Write down all the maintenance servicing and work that you do. If you manage to keep a detailed record, including all the dates, you’ll later be happy you’ve done it. It’s also bound to be very useful if you ever decide to sell the yacht.
  • During the regular yacht maintenance and cleaning, have the professionals pull oil samples from the generator, transmissions, and engines every now and then. Then send them to the lab for testing. You can use these results to determine the state of your yacht.
A yacht that should be cleaned and maintained going into the sunset.

If you’re planning to get a yacht or are already a proud owner of one, you must know the importance of yacht maintenance and cleaning.


Author bio: Carl Jenkins is one of the pioneers in the field of yacht maintenance as well as renting and distribution of yachts in South Florida. He’s dedicated his career not only to expanding his own business but also to leaving a legacy behind. One of the most important things he has done is spreading his knowledge that centers around the importance of keeping yachts maintained and cleaned to increase their durability.

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