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There is a direct correlation between a clean & healthy office space resulting in increased productivity at the office. Numerous studies make it clear there is a direct correlation between office cleanliness and workforce productivity.

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Many research projects investigating the impact of workplace cleanliness on productivity such as a study conducted by the Staples Corporation resulted in 94 percent of a workforce reported experiencing more productivity in a clean workspace, and 77 percent were emphatic they were producing a more proficient quality of work in a clean and healthy environment.

A different study conducted by International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), they found 88 percent of the1,481 respondents conveyed that their focus, concentration and overall productivity was negatively effected by an unclean workspace.

Here are a few ways a clean office can make your employees and workforce happy, healthy and more productive than ever…

7 Ways a clean and healthy office effects productivity
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1. Increased Focus:

A clean and healthy working environment results in less distractions caused by cluttered objects. A higher level of concentration leads to more accomplished and a higher quality of work being done.

2. Reduced Absenteeism: 

A major survey into sickness absence rates found an average of 6.5 days were lost per employee, each year due to illness in the workplace. This negatively impacts the bottom line of many company’s each year. Flat surfaces and office equipment are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs, such as the average computer keyboard which can harbor as much as 7,500 bacteria (per swab) at any given time! This can surely aid in the spread of bacteria, germs and sickness in the office. So, the cleaner your office is, then the healthier your workforce will remain, and the fewer bacteria and germs that will threaten your company’s productivity and your most important asset, your staff.

3. Less Time Wasted:

Time and efficiency is squandered when you have to search for documents among a messy workspace. In a clean, well-organized office your important paperwork can be found easily and quickly.

4. Increased Motivation & Improved Morale:

We’ve all felt great after cleaning up a messy car or have deep cleaned and organized a cluttered bedroom. Enjoying a clean & healthy space makes the little things much more pleasurable. Even the commute to work can become a more joyous event when everything’s clean and organized. With the many hurdles facing a working day, keeping your workforces spirits high and increasing their morale is vitally important. Simply setting aside the resources to keep your workplace clean and healthy can assist in lifting up morale and will effectively boost the motivation of your workforce. A clean working environment will also make it easier for workers to be organized and more efficient. Employees working in a clean working environment will be happier than those in a cluttered disorganized environment, and happy employees are more likely to get things done than those who are unhappy in their job.

5. Less Stress:

For one thing a messy, cluttered desk can result in you attempting to focus on more things at once than you should or even can. Stress is a leading cause of long-term illness and workplace absence, so you should do everything you can to lower your stress levels and that of your entire workforce. A disorderly, unclean, and chaotic office can be directly attributed to increased stress levels in many circumstances. This can also cause unnecessary issues and complications between employees.

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6. Higher Profitability:

Instead of wasting time looking for documents, It is no mystery that workers in a clean and organized office will get more work done. This raises productivity and increased profitability in the long-term. The International Data Corporation reported that disorganized unclean workplaces can miss out on $2.5 million dollars per year in lost productivity. Much of that lost productivity is due to searching for misplaced documents.

7. A More Professional Approach:

Creating a clean and healthy work environment will result in inspiring harder-working individuals than when their workplace is chaotic and messy. The perception of your company begins with your work environment’s appearance. A clean, organized workplace creates a more professional environment and exemplifies to employees and clients that you are serious about what your company has to offer.

Transforming your workplace into a tranquil, welcoming environment where everything is organized will assist your staff and put them at ease, helping to create a more relaxed and positive atmosphere that’s conducive to productive work.

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