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Tips for Keeping Your Home Gym Clean

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, many gyms across the world had to close down. However, the fact that gyms became unavailable does not mean that you should stop exercising and taking care of your body (and mind)! Do not use this as an excuse to eat junk food and get lazy. Do the opposite! You need your health and strength to overcome all the hardships. And, the best way to gain those is to exercise at home. If you can afford a couple of gym props and some equipment for your home gym, go for it! But do not forget that home gyms need to be cleaned regularly! Here are some tips for keeping your home gym clean.

Wipe Down Every Piece of Equipment After Using it

Of course, one of the most obvious benefits of exercising at home is not having to worry about going to and from the gym. However, all the germophobes out there would agree that the most significant benefit of exercising at home is not having to touch things other people’s sweaty hands have touched. Gyms, even our own, can become some of the dirtiest places in our home.

Just because you are the only one using the equipment does not mean you should neglect cleaning it. It is important to clean every piece of equipment after using it – wipe down the sweat and dirt, and most importantly, that kill germs and bacteria. So, clean your mat, the dumbbells and weights, the rope, and pretty much anything else you use.

A woman cleaning.
A microfiber cloth and a universal cleaning solution are all you need for cleaning your gym.

Clean the Floors Regularly

The personal trainers from dubaipt.com cleaning floors regularly is an absolute must. Floors are where germs and grime accumulate. And, if you do not clean them regularly, you may severely compromise your health. So, save yourself the trouble and simply mop the floors every few days. How you will clean the floors will depend on the type of flooring you have – rubber, hardwood, tiles, carpet, etc. Each type requires a special cleaning solution and technique.

Allow Fresh Air In

A big part of keeping your home gym clean is allowing fresh air in. Besides refreshing the air, opening the windows will help you get rid of dust and germs. Moreover, try to keep them open as much as possible. Consider installing ventilation if your gym is in the basement, garage, or somewhere where you have no windows. That will keep everything clean and fresh. You do not need a color-coded cleaning system for your gym or anything complex like that. Something as simple as fresh air makes all the difference!

A man exercising.
If possible, choose an area with lots of windows for your home gym.

Wear Clean Shoes and Clothes

Whether your trainer gave you a workout routine to try at home or you decided to follow a full body home workout on YouTube, it is essential to always wear clean clothes and shoes. When we work out, our clothes get soaked in sweat. And, if we do not wash those clothes, the sweat can turn into a smelly mess filled with germs and bacteria. So, if you do not want to clean your gym more than you need to, make sure to always wear clean clothes and shoes.

Change Towels After Every Usage

The same thing mentioned above also applies to towels. Towels are supposed to help you stay clean and dry. However, one cannot stay clean with dirty towels. Replace them after every workout. This is as important for your gym as it is for your skin. Just think about it – what would happen if you left a damp, smelly towel in your gym for a couple of days? It would make the whole area smell nasty! And, what would happen to your skin if you sed that same towel over and over again? Your skin would get irritated! Thus, always change your towels – for your and your gym’s sake. 

A woman wiping her face with a towel.
Have a space for clean and dirty towels in your home gym!

Get a Garbage Can

Some people enjoy eating energy bars while working out, some enjoy drinking protein shakes, and some prefer cleaning the equipment and mats with disinfecting wipes. The list of disposable items that one can use in a gym can go on and on. If you do not have a garbage can in your gym, get one! Do not allow your workout area to become messy, smelly, and unsanitary!

To Sum Up

As you can see, keeping your home gym clean does not have to be complicated. It does not even have to be time, energy, and money-consuming either. All you need is a mop, microfiber cloths, and a couple of universal cleaning solutions. Besides that, you have to change your clothes, shoes, towels, etc., every time you work out. And that is it! If your home gym is bigger and you want all of your equipment to be sparkling clean, you can always hire a professional to get the job done – getting a professional cleaner is always worth it. You will save time and energy, and they will make sure you have a clean and sanitized place to work out.

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Angie Collins has been working as a personal trainer for the last five years. In her free time, she writes sports-related content for her blog. Angie is also a wife, a mom of two girls, and a dog owner. 

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