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Most Overlooked Cleaning Spots in Your Home

Nobody likes cleaning – that’s a given. But, we all do it because we all want to live in a clean, safe, and comfortable environment. However, it doesn’t matter whether you clean your home once every day or once every week – there are just some spots that are too easy to overlook. From your washing machine to your gutters, these spots need to be thoroughly cleaned if you don’t want to share your living space with dust, mold, mildew, different kinds of bacteria, or even pests. Do not worry – you will not have to live with these. You’ll be good as long as you dedicate your time to those most overlooked cleaning spots in your home! 

And, for you to clean those spots, you’ll first need to know where they are! That is why we are here. Today, we will share with you some of the most easily forgettable cleaning spots in your home, either in your house or in your apartment, and some tips on cleaning them properly. So, if this is something you want to learn, keep on reading.


We all know what dishwashers are used for – to clean our dishes and leave them sparkling clean. But, just because the dishes coming out of the dishwasher are clean doesn’t mean the dishwasher is too! Quite the contrary! The dishwasher (together with your washing and drying machines) is one of the dirtiest spots in your home! Luckily, it is also one of the most accessible spots to clean – all you need to do is buy a specialized cleaning solution, put it inside, and turn your dial to the hottest and the longest setting you have available. And, if you want something more ‘natural,’ you can replace the cleaning solution with some baking soda and white vinegar. 

But, if doing all of this is too much for you – invest in a residential cleaning service, for instance. Professional cleaners know how to keep their equipment clean and your home spotless. Likewise, they pay extra attention to these overlooked cleaning spots in a house, so they will know how to proceed without wasting any of your time. 

A dishwasher – one of the most overlooked cleaning spots in your home.
Cleaning your dishwasher is something that will also prolong its lifespan.

Garbage Disposal 

Not a lot of people have a garbage disposal in their kitchen. The ones who do, swear by them. They are great for taking care of excess food or whatever leftovers you have in your kitchen. And they are great for doing all of that in the blink of an eye. However, if you don’t clean them regularly (once a week), they will soon start to look bad. This is because all the dirt and mold stuck inside is slowly turning into clogged mold. That mold can spread and ‘infect’ your pipes and sink. Don’t let this happen! Once a week, bring water to a boil, mix it with baking soda and salt, and pour that mixture down the garbage disposal.

Bonus tip: Cleaning your garbage disposal is something you need to do even if you plan on moving out of your home. Dirty garbage disposals tend to smell bad, so if you don’t clean them, you will push away all your potential buyers (they will think something is seriously wrong with your smelly home and will walk away). Thus, clean it before leaving. You can easily do this as you pack – just pour the previously mentioned mixture in your sink one or two days before leaving, and you’ll manage to keep your old home clean while moving. Well, at least one part of it. To keep the rest of your home clean, you’ll have to dedicate more time to it.


Undoubtedly, upholstery materials on your sofas, armchairs, beds, etc., are one of the most overlooked cleaning spots in your home. Most of us don’t bother to clean them even though we use them constantly. These spots (mostly sitting areas) need our attention too. So, whenever you find yourself vacuuming your floors, use the soft brush attachment and vacuum the upholstery. This will eliminate dust and debris. However, if your upholstery is still dirty, consider hiring professional cleaners if you see some stains and blots that won’t come off. They will take care of your upholstery with the right equipment in just a couple of minutes. 

A modern-looking apartment.
Clean upholstery can make a lot of difference, so pay special attention to this easily overlooked cleaning spot in your home!

Coffee Maker

If you own a coffee maker of some kind, you have probably heard (or read in the manual) about the importance of keeping it clean. Coffee makers that are not cleaned after every usage can become homes to bacteria, mold, grime, etc. And, you don’t need us to tell you how hazardous that can be. Moreover, if you don’t wash or at least rinse your coffee maker regularly, mineral deposits will emerge everywhere, and eventually, they will shorten the lifespan of your favorite machine. To save yourself and your coffee maker from these problems, mix vinegar and water, place them in your coffee maker, and run a half-brew cycle. 

Moreover, if you plan on moving soon and taking your coffee maker with you, it is essential to thoroughly clean and dry it off before your getmovedtoday.com movers come to pack and relocate it. The leftover liquid dirt may compromise the safety of all your other appliances, so be careful. 

Kitchen appliances on a countertop.
Clean your coffee makers if you want to drink real coffee.

Cleaning Supplies 

We know that cleaning the cleaning supplies around your home may seem redundant, but these are the dirtiest things you have. And, the places where you store them are the most overlooked cleaning areas in your home! After cleaning, most of us don’t want to spend another half an hour cleaning the cleaning supplies. So, we leave them be. But, if we want our house to be clean, we cannot reuse the dirty brooms, mops, cloths, etc. These will just spread the dirt even more. Thus, do not be lazy – make an effort to clean all the cleaning stuff after you are done disinfecting your home. 

For example, mops and brooms can be disassembled and washed in a washbowl. Some strong chemicals and hot water are all you need. You can also wash microfiber cloths and towels in a washing machine. Likewise, throw away old and used sponges. Remember – by cleaning your cleaning supplies, you will be able to clean all of those most overlooked cleaning spots in your home later on and with more ease! 

Author Bio: Carmen Evans 

Carmen is a professional interior designer. She devotes her free timef to writing blogs where she covers topics such as decorating, renovating, moving, gardening, cleaning, etc. Carmen is also a wife, a mother, and a dog owner. 

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