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How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom

There is nothing worse than waking up to a filthy bathroom. It is supposed to be a place where we relax and practice self-care. We do our morning and night routines, have bubble baths, and get ready. So naturally, it’s not very nice to do any of that in a messy bathroom. Washing your teeth and showering in a room full of bacteria and germs is not hygienic. If your bathroom is not clean, you will not be clean either. And bathrooms are one of the dirtiest places in your home. So making sure your it is tidy is essential. If you are not exactly sure how often should you clean your bathroom, we are here to help.

What affects how often should you clean your bathroom?

How often should you clean a bathroom is not a simple question. But one thing is for sure, and that’s that a clean bathroom has many benefits. It protects you from germs and diseases. It’s also simply a more pleasant environment to live in. And according to experts at fairfaxtransfer.com, it’s much easier to relocate or store bathroom items when everything is clean and disinfected already. It’s also worth noting that some parts of the bathroom need to be cleaned more often than others. Some things make the bathroom get dirty quicker than usual. And here is a list of things that affect your bathroom’s cleanliness the most.

  • Number of people that use it
  • Kids
  • Pets

How many people use it

Bathrooms get dirty more quickly when used by many people. If you live alone, your bathroom will not get that unclean fast. So cleaning it once a week is fine. Living with a partner or roommates means more showering, using the toilet and sink, and a dirty bathroom. Cleaning it every few days is the solution.


Now, kids in the bathroom are a completely different story. Adults usually do not make a big mess when they use the bathroom, but it’s the opposite with kids. Kids like to play around and make a mess wherever they go. So splashing water in the tub and clogging the sink is a regular occurrence. That means you will have to clean your bathroom almost every day.

Pets are not a good fit for a bathroom

As we all know, pets are lovely companions and a joy. But they are not the cleanest and play a significant role when deciding how often should you clean your bathroom. Especially dogs. If you have a dog that runs all over the house, including the bathroom, you are in for a lot of cleaning. Dogs can spread germs and bacteria, not to mention the hair they leave everywhere. In this case, you are going to clean your bathroom daily. And not just that. You are going to have to clean it very thoroughly. That means not only regular cleaning but also disinfecting.

What does regular cleaning mean?

Regular cleaning does not mean the same thing for every part of your home. Some parts require cleaning more often than others. If you are unsure how often to clean your shower or toilet, don’t worry; you are in the right place. We will explain how to clean your bathroom.

White porcelain sink on a counter
You can clean your sink once a week

Counters, sinks, showers

For example, you must wipe the counters in your bathroom every day to avoid buildup. Dust, water, and soap all make your counter unhygienic on a daily basis. People also keep many liquids (shampoo bottles, perfumes, deodorants) on the counters; some can be toxic or poisonous. So keeping them clean and organized is essential. It also makes packing liquids easier for a move. If everything is clean and nicely organized, there is a higher chance you will manage to keep all bottles intact when transporting them.

Another thing you need to take care of daily is the shower. Germs and bacteria develop more quickly in wet areas, so it’s best to dry your shower after using it. After a shower, wipe off the residue water with a towel and open the window to let out the humidity. And don’t forget the shower curtains; they also need drying daily. On the other hand, you don’t have to clean your sinks and toilets every day. Cleaning them once a week will be enough, only if you wash them thoroughly. Make sure to scrub those toothpaste stains from your sink and check if they got clogged. Wipe it and dry everything afterward.

White toilet with a lifted seat
When deciding how often should you clean your bathroom, keep in mind that toilets require the most time and effort

Toilets and floors

Now your toilet may take up a bit more of your time. Leave the cleaning products to soak for a while on your toilet. While the product is soaking in on the inside of the toilet, you can start cleaning the exterior. For that, you are going to need a sponge and disinfectant. After you are done with that, you can return to the inside of a toilet. Take the toilet brush and scrub thoroughly, then rinse. 

And don’t forget to clean underneath the toilet seat. All that’s left are floors. Wet floors are never a good idea. So to make sure you don’t slip and potentially injure yourself, make sure you dry them every day. Other than that, it would be best if you swept them every few days. And once a week, scrub them with a sponge and a cleaning solution. A nice trick for cleaning bathroom tiles is to mix ½ cup of white vinegar with a liter of warm water.

A checklist that’s very useful  when figuring out how often should you clean your bathroom
Being organized is crucial when cleaning

In conclusion

Hopefully, you have a better idea now of how often should you clean your bathroom. Follow these guidelines, and you should not have a problem. But it’s crucial that you are consistent and don’t skip cleaning days. The best thing to do is take a little bit of time each day to take care of your bathroom so you don’t end up with a massive mess at the end of the week. Little by little, you will develop a bathroom cleaning routine, and it will get easier. 

Another neat little trick is to make a checklist so you don’t get confused about what to clean that day. Also, you can always split the chores if you don’t live alone. Put someone on toilet duty, someone on scrubbing the floors, and someone cleaning the sink. That way, it won’t be overwhelming. And if you don’t always feel like doing all of this, you can hire a professional cleaning service and give yourself a break.

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