The benefits of using Sanitizing Pros for your commercial cleaning needs

Ken and Lynda Cosentino (owners)
cleaning crew leader

Sanitizing Pros Commercial office cleaning services can provide a variety of benefits.



  1. Improved sanitation and hygiene: Our professional cleaners thoroughly clean and disinfect surfaces and high-traffic areas. This helps prevent the spread of germs and illness.
  2. Increased productivity: A clean and organized work environment helps employees focus and be more productive.
  3. Increased lifespan; Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prolong the life of the office, office equipment and furniture.
  4. Professional image: A clean and well-maintained office can make a good impression on clients and visitors.
  5. Cost savings: Outsourcing cleaning tasks can save a company time and money. This way there’s no need to invest in equipment and supplies or pay employee benefits.
  6. Specialized cleaning: We offer specialized cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, floor maintenance, and window washing.

Our great customer service is an extremely important aspect of Sanitizing Pros.

This leads to:

  1. Satisfied customers: Our excellent customer service produces satisfied customers who continues to use our services.
  2. Repeat business: Our satisfied customers are more likely to continue doing business with Sanitizing Pros and more likely to recommend us to others.
  3. Positive reputation: A company with great customer service is more likely to continue to attract new customers over the long term
  4. Resolving issues: Our great customer service helps us quickly and effectively resolve any issues that may arise. It also helps prevent negative reviews or customer complaints.
  5. Building trust: Great customer service also helps to build trust between a company and its clients. This is essential for a long-term business relationship which is always our goal.
  6. Tailored to customer’s needs: Great customer service helps Sanitizing Pros understand the specific needs of each client and enables us to tailor our services to meet those needs.

Our great customer service has enabled us to maintain a successful, full service and first class building maintenance business.


Here’s how our customers benefit:

  • Time-saving: Contracting Sanitizing Pros Office Cleaning Services, lets you and your employees focus on your business instead of spending time cleaning the office.
  • Professionalism: A professional cleaning service will have the necessary equipment, supplies, and expertise to clean your office efficiently and effectively.
  • Consistency: Sanitizing Pros Office Cleaning Services will provide regular dependable cleaning services, ensuring that your office is always clean and presentable.
  • Flexibility: We can work around your schedule. You can schedule our cleaning services for times that are most convenient for you and your employees.
  • Health and Safety: Our professional cleaning services are well equipped to handle any health and safety issues that may arise, such as the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • Cost-effective: In the long run, it may be more cost-effective to hire a professional cleaning service. They will have the necessary equipment and supplies to do the job. Otherwise you’d have to purchase those items if you were to do it yourself.

color coding

Color coded cleaning is the practice of using different color coded cleaning supplies, equipment, and microfiber cloths for different areas of the office.

The benefits of using color-coded office cleaning services include:

  • Prevention of cross-contamination: Using specific colored coded supplies for different areas of the office helps to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria from one area to another. For example, we use a red and yellow cloth for the restrooms, and a green cloth for the kitchen, and a blue cloth on desks and counters etc…
  • Efficient cleaning: Color-coded cleaning supplies and equipment make it easy for the cleaning staff to quickly identify what should be used and where. This helps to speed up the cleaning process.
  • Cost-effective: Having color-coded cleaning supplies makes it easier for our cleaners to keep track of inventory, reducing the risk of running out of supplies in a certain area.
  • Professionalism: Our color-coded office cleaning services can help to enhance the professional image of your office and business. This shows that your office is clean and well-maintained.
  • Safety: Color-coded cleaning supplies and equipment can also help to prevent accidents, such as using the wrong cleaning solution on a surface, which can cause damage or even illness.
  • Better communication: Employees recognize the cleaning supplies and the areas they are used in easier. This allows better more effective communication with the cleaning staff, reducing confusion and misunderstandings.

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