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Certainly, you should stay focused on your business or with more important things, and leave the commercial office cleaning and disinfection services to the professionals. In fact, Sanitizing Pros has earned a 5 star reputation for providing a service advantage in the commercial cleaning services industry. Accordingly, we tune in to your needs, develop a plan that works best for you, and then execute it with focused attention to detail.


Specifically, we offer cleaning solutions along with honest, competitive pricing, for every cleaning need to fit every budget. Whereas, we are sure we can effectively create a commercial or residential cleaning and sanitizing solution that lines up with your needs, at an affordable price.


You can be certain, we will immediately correct any issues or concerns you may have with the services you’ve received. Simply send us a picture with a note of the problem, and receive our response within a 2 hour window. At the same time, this assures that your facility is continuously clean and safe for your employees and visitors.



Our customers always come first!  Above all, we work hard to understand all your different cleaning needs, schedules, and requests. Whereas, first our staff gets to know you. Second,  we produce a customized cleaning plan that fits in with your requests. Finally, you will feel confident that you are in good hands.


To emphasize, as experts in sterilizing and deodorization, to begin with we will identify and easily eliminate the guilty odors. Be aware, these offensive odors can come from a source inside or outside any space, office or building.

Masking serious or persistent odors simply do not work.

Ultimately, we identify and then eliminate these offensive odors. To begin with, we will identify the root cause of the odor, then we determine where it contacts a surface, and continually over time, we attempt to remove the odor completely. Specifically, Our technicians use certain odor removal products that are effectively capable of penetrating surfaces that neutralize an odor thoroughly.

Frequently, identifying and then eliminating odors can be a little tricky, but fear not, you can always count on us to return your space to the sweet smell of success!.

All Services are guaranteed!


electrostatic ddisinfection


For our clients benefit, our Commercial cleaning services and  disinfection cleaning services specialize in Electrostatic Disinfection Service for COVID 19 disinfection.

With certified technicians, we effectively eliminate germs from laboratories, retail spaces, warehouses, offices, airports, malls, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, public works, and movie theaters, that most commercial cleaning services can’t.

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For maximum effect, we use oxidation technology that exceeds CDC cleaning recommendation.

To sum up, we disinfect and sanitize public parking garages, airports, convention centers,  warehouses, office buildings, retail, industrial parks, public utilities, production facilities, collection facilities, conversion plants, storage facilities and more…

Our Electrostatic Sanitizing & Disinfection Services are much more effective and more cost effective than commercial cleaning services only.

Medical Cleaning
Medical Disinfection Services

Medical Cleaning Services

Importantly, we meet or exceed medical office cleaning standards set by OSHA, CDC, AORN and the AAAHC.

Inevitably, medical offices have germs that cause illness that spreads through a medical office. For that reason, Sanitizing Pros provides a focused approach to hygiene that reduces the spread of infectious disease and illness causing germs.

Additionally, we utilize our expert training, hospital grade solutions, and electrostatic equipment, Hepa Vacuums with four levels of filtration, and microfiber technology with a strong focus on touch surface disinfection. 

Our services are built for the medical facilities, contact us today!

daycare cleaning services
Daycare Disinfection Services

Daycare Cleaning Services

Certainly, cleaning & sanitizing daycare and preschool facilities requires a special focus to detail.

Everyone agrees, societies most important resource is the health and safety of our children.

Therefore, we strive to keep children, as well as child care employees protected against any illness causing germs.

In short, with our hygiene focused cleaning approach, your facility will be clean and protected from the spread of illness causing germs.

Our focused color coded cleaning systems hones in on high-touch surfaces, with our main goal to give your students and employees  a safe and healthy facility to learn in.

facility cleaning
Facility Disinfection Services

Facility Cleaning Services

Obviously, the safety and compliance needs of your manufacturing plant or distribution center is important to you, but it’s also just as important to us.

With that in mind, our trained technicians will meet the specific needs of your facility. 

At Sanitizing Pros, we know a healthy, safe & clean environment ensures the productivity of your operations.

Thus, understanding how important health & safety are, we strictly follow best practices for your specific industry to deliver the highest levels of sanitizing & disinfection services.

We follow strict proper Safety Protocols & Certified procedures specific to your facility’s safety standards and unique workflow.

building cleaning
Building Disinfection Services

Office Cleaning Services

To be most effective, we practice color-coded cleaning to prevent cross-contamination, while using a one way wipe technique.

As a result, all high touch points are disinfected including keyboards and phones.

Finally, we post hand washing signs throughout your office. In addition, we also specify proper drying time – since we know germs spread with moisture.

gym disinfection
Fitness Disinfection Services

Gym Cleaning Services

It goes without saying, keeping your Gym open is a consistent disinfection concern.

Consequently,  antimicrobial protection of your equipment is vital.

Therefore, we are careful to make sure the wrong chemicals and cleaners are not used, assuring there will be no damage to fitness equipment.

We maintain, disinfect, and protect your equipment inside and out for optimal safety and performance.

retail cleaming services
Retail Disinfection Services

Retail Store Cleaning Services

 To meet your retail stores needs, we only utilize hi-grade cleaning, and cleaning chemical solutions paired with electrostatic cleaning techniques.

Ideally, our processes and systems work best for high-traffic businesses to void the spread of coronavirus, colds and flus, viruses, fungus, and bacteria all year long.

Inquire today about any one-time specials we may have, or recurring commercial sanitizing services.

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Formerly Perm a Care Janitorial Svcs Since 1961

In these unusual changing times, we get to utilize our wealth of experience to keep businesses healthy, clean and safe.

 Sanitizing PROS, established by the owners of Perm a Care Janitorial Services, with you and your staff’s optimal health & safety in mind.

We consistently provide a clean you can’t miss, and a health and safety level you can feel. We employ a strong focus on education and training, and we work hard to represent our customers success!



Ken & Lynda Cosentino owned & operated Perm-a-Care Janitorial Services beginning in 1983. 

With many years experience and much success, both are credited with building a strong reputation for trust, highest quality & a strong commitment that endures today!

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