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Commercial facilities and residential homes alike spend millions of dollars on carpet, upholstery, leather, as well as  Oriental and area rugs as an overall reflection of their desired image. 

Not maintaining or steam cleaning carpets properly with a regular carpet cleaning maintenance program can certainly adversely affect the longevity and that desired image you were going for. Without carpet cleaning maintenance you could end up wasting thousands of dollars by reducing the carpets performance.  Also, you may accelerate the need for unexpected replacement costs.

We understand the desire and necessity for a healthy indoor environment. But you should also focus some effort to extending the life of your expensive carpets, rugs, fabrics, and leather investments.

Residential homes, offices, commercial facilities, retail establishments, and other properties are counting on Sanitizing Pros to provide the best solutions for your maintenance needs.

How we do it?

We maintain aggressive but most importantly, consistent training programs. We fully understand how carpets and fabrics stain, and how they wear. Also, we understand that there are many different types of fibers to consider in the residential and commercial environment.

Some of these fabrics require the proper carpet cleaning equipment, designed to use the least amount of moisture. With typical dry times of just a few hours, your business or family will still be able to function with little or even no disruption.

Our carefully selected technicians are screened with extensive background checks. We only employ trustworthy, and highly-trained professional technicians equipped to provide up to date advanced carpet and upholstery cleaning methods.

Schedule Your Maintenance Today!

We work with you to analyze your commercial facility and we’ll design a customized program that will make your carpet, upholstery, and area rugs consistently look cleaner, last longer, and keep your employees and visitors healthier.

Whether you require spot cleaning, carpet cleaning, or fabric or leather care, our proven processes will remove more soil, spots, and stains than any other process.

Here's how it works:

Booking your carpet appointment with Sanitizing PROS is easy, all you need to do is call (561) 401-0732 and book your appointment today!

Step 1: Arrival

Sanitizing PROS will call the customer 30 minutes prior to arrival. Our technician will arrive 10 minutes early. First they will review the order on file and then go over the work order with customer, checking the different areas and verifying the order on file suits the needs of the customer.

Step 2: Pre-Inspection

The technician will identify and assess the condition of the carpet. If there are areas that will require extra attention, or items that need to be moved – it will be discussed with the customer. If heavy furniture was not moved prior to service, the technician will clean around it or underneath it, if possible.

Step 3: Pre-Cleaning  (Pre-Spray & Agitate)

After the pre-inspection and confirmation of the owner to start the job, our technician will start cleaning the areas according to order. The first run is to take out dirt, break it down and make sure it will get out with the cleaning later.

Step 4: Deodorizer / Sanitizer   (Optional)

Deodorizing or sanitizing might be required in certain cases, for various odors or stains, This is a procedure recommended if anyone suffers from allergies or you suspect bacteria growth in the carpets.

Step 5: Carpet Cleaning Process

Sanitizing PROS uses a Hot Water Extraction technique, which enters deep into the carpet and extracts all the dirt, dust and contaminants. The steam will refresh the fibers of your carpet and rugs, and the extraction will vacuum away any residue leaving your carpets and upholstery fresher.

Step 6: Extraction & Spot Removal (If needed)

If the Hot Water Extraction method alone is not sufficient for the condition of the carpet, we would recommend a proper stain removal treatment. In some cases, the stain will come out easy, and sometimes it will require deeper cleaning or special treatment.

Step 7: Carpet Protection  (Optional)

A protector (such as Scotchgard) is not always required, but if your carpets and furniture are in good shape, you may want to apply a protector and keep them that way. A protector helps to prevent stains and also decreases the amount of dust accumulated in fabrics, improving the efficiency of vacuuming.

Step 8: Post-Inspection

After all is clean and done. our technician will go with you through the areas that were cleaned. During this review they will show you what was cleaned, which stains and spots they treated, and guide you how to keep this “like new” condition. If you have any comments or questions, this would be a great time to tell the technician. We aspire for 100% customer satisfaction!


Because we are always focused on improving!


Sanitizing-Pros,  formerly Perm a Care Janitorial Svcs Since 1961

Utilizing our wealth of experience in these unusual changing times, Sanitizing PROS was established by the owners of Perm a Care with you and your staff’s optimal health & safety in mind.

We will provide you a clean you can’t miss, and a health and safety level you can feel. With a strong focus on education and support, we work hard to  reflect and represent our customers success!


Ken & Lynda Cosentino owned & operated Perm-a-Care Janitorial Services beginning in 1983. 

With many years experience and success, they both are fully credited with building an outstanding reputation for trust, quality & commitment that endures today!

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