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Does your property require Day Porter Services?  In that case, it’s likely that you understand the importance of finding the right fit for your needs, generally with the idea of forming a long-term relationship.

Luckily, we are obsessed with health and cleanliness, and we offer the lowest prices on day porter services as well as office cleaning, disinfection & sanitizing services.

Additionally, we also offer professional facility maintenance, floor care, stone restoration, marble polishing, and commercial carpet cleaning services and more…

To meet your needs, we’ll provide a trained dedicated team member, who will quickly identify your needs and make sure that every detail goes smoothly. Soon,  they’ll become the helping hand that fulfills requests with a positive attitude and a smile. And, you can be confident they’ll be the eyes in the field that will diligently report any problems to management and rectify any issue, or if it requires more than a quick fix, they may decide to schedule a service call. 

Be assured, they will always Protect your property and work hard to keep you happy.

In addition, we can also provide day porters that possess light plumbing and light electrical skills, which will provide flexibility in corrective maintenance actions that may avoid service calls in many situations. 

When assigning personnel, we always do our best to find, “The One.”

If you prefer indoor porter service we have you covered, we have light duty day porters that do needed cleaning and “tidy up services”, in addition to the minimal responsibilities such as proper restocking of consumables like paper towels, hand soap etc…– on demand and on schedule.

If you request exterior services, such as a “watchman” to maintain order in sensitive areas, we have that person standing by as well.

If you need even more flexibility, we have hybrid porters who can perform a wide range – customized – scope of work.

dayporter mopping a floor

For the most part, our day porters can provide services the regular cleaning crew cannot.

Furthermore, our day porter services are fully customizable to meet the needs of the property, but we like to think their most important role is ambassador of the building.

To emphasize, with our deep reserve of team members and flexible scheduling options for various cleaning roles, it’s easy for us to find your best match – “The One”.  

Call us today 561-401-0732 to discuss your needs and the best options for those needs, as well as the specific level of cleaning services needed for your purposes.


Our day porters are continually trained to be cheerful, business like, considerate and helpful to all building tenants.  They are carefully chosen for their ability to convey professionalism, that can-do attitude, as well as developing the skill-sets that make them a great long-term cleaning partner.  They’re programmed to provide a helping hand that is always available.

They will be committed to your satisfaction, and it will be evident in the quality of their work. Always with a great attitude, and a professional appearance.


Well, you may already have your ideal day porter, but if you are struggling with your nightly janitorial services we are also here to fill that void, and we’ll be sure to upgrade your services from day one.


Floor scrubbing a vct floor

Daily Maintenance

Our day porters will maintain your common areas tidy, neat and clean. They will monitor and restock restroom supplies, and they’ll keep lobbies clean and in order,  and without fail, they’ll keep the entry glass clean.

Added Security to Buildings or Offices

Our day porters will promptly deal with all restroom issues, spills and unforeseen occurrences with a keen focus on reducing the risk of property damage and injuries.

Flexible Schedules

Our day porters can be assigned as full-time or part-time options. In addition, we also provide outside porters or hybrid porters who can perform a combination of custom responsibilities.

Stocking Supplies

One of the most common and decidedly main functions of day porters are the  restocking of consumable supplies, which is vital to any busy operation with heavy traffic.

Day porters will ensure that your office or building restroom supplies remain stocked and the waste receptacles remain empty.

Problem Solving

Our day porters will become keenly aware of any frequent problem areas within the assigned property, and then designate that a priority.

We have multiple options for day porters that are proficient in light repair skills, such as plumbing and minor interior lighting duties.

Support System

Our day porters can be available for tenant requests, to help facilitate tenant repairs.

Day porter options for cleaning, repair, and tenant services are available for full-time, or part-time placement.

Hand phone management technology

Safety Net

To facilitate remote management duties, our day porters can electronically manage light repairs or escalate it as required.

We take our responsibility seriously, maintaining a strong focus on reducing property damage, and the risk of liability possibly resulting from injury. With this in mind, we make sure we have the ability to address issues quickly.


Call (561) 401-0732 to discuss your options.

All new recurring commercial cleaning contracts will receive one FREE Electrostatic Disinfection Service.

* FREE services promotions not available for contracts less frequent than weekly.


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