Electrostatic Spraying for Effective Disinfecting:

Electrostatic spray coating has been around since 1940, when it was recognized as the best and fastest way to evenly coat  almost any surface with a disinfecting solution. Recently, many commercial cleaning companies have started using electrostatic sprayers for disinfecting purposes. The flu season affects 30-45 million Americans each year, and with additional risk that’s posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus, cleaning companies around the world are relying on electrostatic technology to sanitize their clients workplaces, while assuring their workforce is protected.

What are electrostatic sprayers and how do they work?

Electrostatic sprayers are available in a variety of styles, from handheld, backpack, battery operated & electric sprayers to larger machines capable of spraying tens of thousands of square feet per hour.

All electrostatic sprayers function according to the same principle of charging the liquids as they pass through the nozzle. The charged droplets will repel one another and adhere all surfaces in an even coating when properly applied.

The particles react like tiny magnets. Most surfaces have a negative charge, since they are naturally grounded. Electrostatic sprayers disperse vapor particles in a positive charge, that’s why they  are attracted to the negatively charged surfaces in a room. They are effectively repelled by each other similar to two north magnetic poles of a magnet and how they repel one another. That’s why the positively charged disinfectant is sprayed onto objects and results in 360 degree coverage.

What are the benefits of electrostatic spraying?

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Electrostatic spraying is an efficient method of cleaning & disinfecting small and large spaces, from offices to airports, electrostatic sprayers have many benefits.

  • Less chemical waste

Traditional cleaning, sanitizing & disinfecting methods rely on manually wiping disinfectant over surfaces, likely missing hidden and hard to reach areas. Electrostatic spraying puts an even coating of disinfectant cleaning solution only where you want it.

  • Environmentally friendly

Less cleaning chemicals used means less negative impact to the environment. Electrostatic spraying results in reduced waste and less run-off or byproduct penetrating the local ecosystem. If your company or business takes pride in its green credentials, or would like to do more to help the environment, electrostatic spraying for cleaning and disinfecting is a good move.

  • Cost effectiveness

There are many ways electrostatic disinfecting saves you money compared to your regular cleaning services. Electrostatic disinfecting methods use less solution and it’s significantly faster than traditional methods. There is no manual wiping  or cleaning required.

Is electrostatic disinfecting effective?

Electrostatic spray technology dispenses disinfecting solutions significantly more effectively than traditional sprayers. It ensures an even spray coating and total coverage of surfaces, and with less waste and drift. Tests show that this method of dispensing disinfectant solution can be up to ten times more efficient than conventional cleaning methods.

Using electrostatic sprayers allows even the hardest to reach areas that are commonly missed by traditional cleaning methods will be equally cleaned and disinfected. Think of all the places where dirt and germs will accumulate, and how difficult they are to sanitize. From the underside of furniture to the nooks and crevasses, electrostatic sprayers will coat the areas a person applying manual methods might miss.

Electrostatic sprayers are commonly used to safely & effectively disinfect homes, buildings and businesses, including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Schools
  • Gyms
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants, including kitchens, and food processing plants
  • Assisted living facilities
  • …and more.

Medical facilities are also relying on electrostatic sprayers, while using hospital-grade disinfectant solutions.

Medical Doctor’s offices, hospital rooms, waiting rooms, examination areas, surgical theaters
Education School classrooms, cafeterias, offices, locker rooms, gyms, buses
Catering Industrial kitchens, restaurants, vehicles
Hospitality Hotel rooms, conference rooms, reception areas, dining rooms, gyms, and pool facilities
Corporate Office areas,  reception areas, cubicles, boardrooms, bathrooms


How long does electrostatic disinfecting last?

As with other cleaning and disinfection methods, electrostatic spray disinfecting will last as long as the solution lasts, and there are nano coating solutions that can be applied after the disinfecting process that provide longer term benefits. Electrostatic cleaners disinfect surfaces on contact, killing all germs, bacteria, or viruses that are present on those surfaces at the time of application.

Keep this in mind when deciding how often to employ electrostatic sanitizing & disinfecting in your home or business. Some areas such as medical, schools, and gyms, are continually exposed to various potential pathogens, and will benefit from  electrostatic sanitizing. Other areas such as offices may only need to be electrostatic spray disinfected once a week.

There are many types of electrostatic sprayers for disinfecting on the market, so be sure you consult with a professional about the right method for your needs.

Is electrostatic disinfecting safe?

Yes, electrostatic disinfection and the solutions used in electrostatic cleaning tools are extremely safe for tool operators, people present during cleaning, and people occupying the space after disinfecting. Cleaning companies using this method will typically ask that you wait one to two hours after a space has finished receiving treatment before entering the area. However, once the application process is complete and dry, the space is safe for both people and animals. Although, Sanitizing Pros operators will always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times..

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used for electrostatic cleaning

  • Mask
  • Eye protection
  • Hand coverings
  • Any other recommendations by the manufacturer

We use environmentally safe EPA approved solutions. When applied they are perfectly safe for people and pets, etc.. The mist discharge from an electrostatic sprayer is very  targeted, with less over spray than traditional disinfectant dispensers. However Sanitizing Pros standard cleaning safety protocols will always be followed

Can electrostatic sprayers be used for COVID-19?


Electrostatic disinfectant sprayers are more than suitable for disinfecting and killing germs and viruses including the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.  When cleaning or disinfecting your property or workplace against any virus or pathogen, always determine how long the solution needs to remain on a surface before it is guaranteed to act as intended. Many people mistakenly wipe away the disinfectants too quickly. Most disinfectants need to be in contact with the surface for a number of minutes at least.

Electrostatic disinfecting for COVID-19 is more effective because it ensures an even sprayed coating of the disinfectant solution across all surfaces, including the surfaces that are harder to reach with manual or traditional cleaning methods. Since this method of disinfecting doesn’t require any manual wiping or rubbing of the solutions, it’s more likely to stay on the surface long enough to provide a maximum effect, and electrostatic sanitizing will also minimize direct contact your of your regular cleaning staff.

Benefits of electrostatic disinfecting include:

  1. Better coverage of all areas
  2. Faster, more efficient disinfecting
  3. Reduced labor and materials costs
  4. Ability to treat almost any workplace or surface in minutes
  5. Minimal contact between cleaning staff and surfaces

Is electrostatic disinfection right for your business?

Workspaces in virtually every industry will benefit from electrostatic disinfecting and sanitizing. While it may seem like a costly or solution, but this method of sanitizing is faster and more cost effective than traditional  sprayers. 

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the general public is much more concerned and more aware of how a business will protect their customers and employees by the application of good disinfecting and hygiene practices.  Electrostatic cleaning is on the cutting edge of a more effective and more modern disinfection technology that ensures good results.

An initial investment in contracting electrostatic disinfecting technology for your home or business will pay dividends in safety and increased consumer confidence, enabling workplaces of all kinds to stay safe and open without increased risk from the novel coronavirus, or any other pathogens.

Whatever type of service your business needs, reach out to Sanitizing Pros today to find out what our Pros can do for you.