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Facility Maintenance, cleanliness, safety and the proper compliance of your manufacturing plant or distribution center, is as important to us as it is to you.

With years of valuable experience, our trained Facility Maintenance technicians will work hard to meet all of the specific janitorial and commercial cleaning needs of your facility.  To emphasize, at Sanitizing PROS we know a healthy, safe & clean environment ensures better productivity of your operations.

For that reason, we consistently follow all best practices regarding our Facility Maintenance services.  Equally important, we strictly adhere to all proper Safety Protocols.

You can be sure, we will always apply the proper procedures specific to your facility’s safety maintenance standards and unique workflow.



Cleaning & Disinfecting public buildings

Sanitizing PROS is a reputable, local South Florida owned Facility Maintenance and commercial cleaning company, that serves our clients with exceptional cleaning solutions that achieve the highest standards at the most competitive prices.

First of all, we develop a customized, efficient, and cost efficient commercial cleaning program for each account. With that, we deliberately create a sustainable, health focused, clean and safe working environment.

We focus on service excellence and operational efficiencies.  

To be clear, our cleaning programs provide optimal, measurable results for our clients by improving quality, maintaining health and safety, while containing inefficiency costs.

Furthermore, in order to maintain a healthy environment, we will recommend a thorough deep cleaning schedule, and disinfection program that will effectively  eliminate germs from frequent touch point surfaces. Without doubt, proper execution can significantly eliminate germs and bacteria down to the appropriate levels for your facility.

For example, facilities such as schools, retail stores or other public spaces are regularly utilizing electrostatic targeted disinfection for surfaces where specific vital disinfection is needed. In light of that, electrostatic disinfection has become the method of choice, as a healthy solution, and a safer way to address today’s health concerns.

Our Electrostatic Disinfection:


We can achieve a 99.99% reduction of spores, bacteria, viruses and fungi hiding in hard to reach areas.


Our treatments are quick and efficient, guaranteeing you minimal downtime at your facility.


Our effective products have low toxicity ratings without any harmful chemical residuals, to keep everyone safe.


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Electrostatic Spray method of disinfection is significantly less expensive and more affordable than conventional methods. It’s important to understand why, how, and when specific types of disinfectants should be used.

To emphasize, it is well documented that harsh disinfectants are associated with both chronic and acute health problems.

Disinfectants are essentially pesticides, and have proven to pose hazards to our environment and people’s health.

So for these reasons, limiting harsher disinfectants to more critical areas, would be much smarter and much safer. A greener cleaning system, like electrostatic disinfection can effectively and completely cover hard surfaces 360 degrees, and with a formula that is safe, free of bleach and other harsh chemicals.

We use Bioesque’s Botanical Disinfectant Solution. This is a great choice for hazard-conscious or environmentally sensitive areas. Bioesque utilizes Thymol, which is a cutting-edge antimicrobial agent derived from natural thyme oil, to quickly cut through grime as it destroys all germs it encounters. 

For more information, see the Infection Control Handbook and the CDC’s guide on cleaning and disinfecting schools.

Guidelines for disinfecting correctly:

It’s important to follow the CDC’s recommended two-step process.

  1. Clean the surface thoroughly first.
  2. Use disinfectant or sanitizer on the hard surface, applying it according to proper application, and allowing the specified dwell time to occur.

Color coded cleaning rags

The two-step process is important for several reasons.

First, the pre-cleaning process on surfaces is an initially required step for most disinfectants. Conversely, dirty surfaces can make the effectiveness of disinfectants less. That fact,  suggests you’re not really killing the germs or bacteria you think you are.

Second, if you perform the process correctly every time, it can lessen the residue left behind by the disinfectants. So, it’s definitely important to select the right disinfectants. Notably, disinfectants and sanitizers aren’t eligible for green certifications, which makes it more difficult to select the safest disinfectant solution for your facility — and trust us, they’re not all created equal.

At Sanitizing PROS, we understand that a clean facility reflects an image about the health and vitality of your organization. To address that, facilities managers and business owners need a reputable and dependable janitorial service that provides proactive problem solving, consistency, and a quick response.

You’ve come to the right place, our unique processes empowers our staff to be above the rest – and we aim to be an intracule extension of your team.

Indeed, with our decades experience in the cleaning and janitorial industry, you can trust Sanitizing PROS to get the job done right. 

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Formerly Perm a Care Janitorial Svcs Since 1961

Utilizing our wealth of experience in these unusual changing times, Sanitizing PROS was established by the owners of Perm a Care with you and your staff’s optimal health & safety in mind.

We will provide you a clean you can’t miss, and a health and safety level you can feel. With a strong focus on education and support, we work hard to  reflect and represent our customers success!


Ken & Lynda Cosentino owned & operated Perm-a-Care Janitorial Services beginning in 1983. 

With decades experience and success, they both are fully credited with building an outstanding reputation for trust, quality & commitment that endures today!

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