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Our Bedroom Specifications:

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Our Bedroom Cleaning Specifications below;

We work tirelessly to be the leading health minded commercial & residential cleaning services in the South Florida area.

And to make our cleaning process uniform regarding the prevention of cross-contamination, we’ve adopted and refined a systematic Color Chart for our Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services.   

In light of that, we’ve assigned particular colors for designated cleaning areas where certain risks are common.

With that, these specific colors are transferred as color coding onto our cleaning equipment and the products which are to be used specifically in these areas and only in these areas.

Therefore, this will identify and set apart these specific cleaning items and that will help prevent the transfer of bacteria through cross contamination to other areas.  And, considering the worldwide health concern with COVID 19, this system has become very important in all areas.

We offer simple flat rate pricing based on the size of the home given the number of bedrooms and square footage.   Please note, a “Detail Cleaning” or a “Deep Cleaning” is required for the first cleaning 🙂



Clean & Polish ~ TV’s, tables, accessible horizontal surfaces & clean glass table tops.


Vacuuming of Closet Shelves & Drawers ~ If this is a Move In/Out we’ll dispose of any trash containers with liners.


Dust & Clean Blinds and Window Ledges ~ We clean & wipe any marks or spots on blinds, window ledges, and furniture.


Vacuum & Clean Inside Cabinets & Drawers ~ We’ll take care of it.


Cleaning all Ceiling Fans ~ Thoroughly dust & clean ceiling fans, including lights & reels.


Make beds & change bed linens ~ (when linens are left on top of bed) Just leave bed linens on top of each bed and we’ll change them.


Cobweb Removal ~ Using Dusters and extension poles we will remove cobwebs from corners, ceilings, & behind furniture.


Vacuum all carpet, small rugs and stairs ~ We use special heap filter vacuums & floor attachments for floors & rugs.


Damp Mop all Hard Surface Floors ~ We wet mop your floors with an organic disinfectant leaving a fresh pleasing scent (no harsh chemicals)


Baseboard Detail Cleaning ~ After vacuuming, we wipe baseboards with damp microfiber cloth.


Empty trash in all bedrooms, living, and office spaces ~ We’ll take out the trash to garage or dumpster (if possible) once Maid Service is completed.


Clean Windows ~ Clean Inside Windows, wipe streaks, corners, ledges and frames. This would be a Cleaning Add-On.

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Always focused on improving!


Formerly Perm a Care Janitorial Svcs Since 1961

Utilizing our wealth of experience in these unusual changing times, Sanitizing PROS was established by the owners of Perm a Care with you and your staff’s optimal health & safety in mind.

We will provide you a clean you can’t miss, and a health and safety level you can feel. With a strong focus on education and support, we work hard to  reflect and represent our customers success!


Ken & Lynda Cosentino owned & operated Perm-a-Care Janitorial Services beginning in 1983. 

With many years of valuable experience and success, both Ken & Lynda are fully credited with building an outstanding reputation for trust, quality & commitment that endures today!

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