Color Coded

Cleaning System

Red is high risk toilets, urinals & floors
Yellow is lower risk in high risk areas
Green is medium risk food prep
Blue is low risk general & office areas


is the main risk factor

in the risk of infection!

To most effectively reduce this risk, we train our staff as follows:

To standardize our cleaning process in terms of the prevention of cross-contamination, we’ve developed and refined a Color Chart for our Cleaning Services.   We assign particular colors for designated cleaning areas where certain risks are common. These colors are transferred as color coding onto our cleaning equipment and the products which are to be used specifically in these areas and only in these areas. This will identify and set apart these cleaning items to help prevent the transfer of bacteria through cross contamination to other areas.  As one can imagine, the need for color coding is particularly important in medical and other healthcare areas to promote thorough hygiene standards, but considering the worldwide health concern with COVID 19, this system has become important in all areas and industries.



The Four Coded Colors

There are four colors in the Sanitizing Pros color scheme: red, blue, yellow and green. The chart below shows which janitorial areas each of the colors correspond to:


Red is a color that is universally associated with risk and hazards.  We assign this red color code to areas such as urinals, toilets and washroom floors. Our reason is that these areas pose a high-risk of bacterial contamination. By using only red-coded cleaning products like cloths, mops, buckets and gloves to clean in high risk areas, the risk of spreading bacteria outside of these areas is minimized.



The yellow color code is associated with lower risk within high risk areas, and will be used on all other washroom surfaces, including sinks, mirrors, cubicles, tiled walls, glass and metal. Two different color codes for high risk areas such as washrooms ensures that the same cleaning products are not used, for example, cloths used on toilet seats and bowls will not be used on sinks and faucets. This helps to further prevent the spread of infection.

Color coded cleaning transCC


The color green is assigned to food & drink preparation areas, including kitchens and bars, but green is also used in other areas such as factories where food is processed.  The exposure of uncooked meat and fish on surfaces and utensils will pose a particularly high risk in terms of cross-contamination. Therefore, it is vital to regulate the use of cleaning equipment and cleaning products in these areas.


The color blue has been coded for lower-risk areas. These areas include offices and classroom desk tops, window ledges, hallways, and are used for general dusting and polishing.  These areas usually have a lower risk of bacterial contamination than in other areas like washrooms or kitchens.  Blue coded cleaning equipment and products can be used across a broad range of surfaces.

Sanitizing PROS provides our clients with exceptional cleaning solutions that achieve the highest standards at competitive prices.  Client satisfaction is always our main goal by maintaining and achieving a highly effective cleaning program derived from ISSA Cleaning Standards.

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All new recurring cleaning contracts will receive one FREE Electrostatic Disinfection Service.


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