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The dirtiest places in your home

Everyone wants their home to be pristine and beautiful. In addition, it is essential for your health and overall quality of life that the environment you live in is free of germs, bacteria, and allergens. This is why you put so much effort into cleaning. However, it is a fact that some places in your home are dirtier than others and require a lot more effort and attention to keep clean and properly sanitized. This is why we have compiled a list of the dirtiest places in your home. 

The kitchen


People often place their shopping bags, keys, etc., on countertops before putting away groceries. This makes all the germs, dust, and filth end up on your countertops. When using them to make food later, you risk getting infected. So, it is crucial you take good care of them and regularly wipe them down with disinfectants.  


You use the handles of your drawers and cabinets often and without much consideration. However, keep in mind that you touch them when putting away groceries, cooking, and eating. Keeping them clean, therefore, becomes essential if you do not want to get sick.


We handle the faucets in our home in a similar manner. You might turn the water on to wash your hands and then do the same when fetching a glass of water during a meal. This way, germs end up on your utensils if the faucet is not clean.

 A person filling a water bottle
The fact that we drink water from them makes keeping faucets clean all the more important!


They should be changed often, even if they don’t seem entirely worn out yet. Keep in mind that you usually leave them wet and partially soapy and that, particularly during hot seasons, they can get moldy very quickly. You do not want to be washing your dishes with something that is not clean itself.


This entry might sound confusing but refers mainly to the section of the wall above your stove. When frying things, oil often splatters. This means that the wall immediately next to the stove likely has a lot of accumulated dirt and stains. They not only detract from the beauty of your kitchen but are also very unhygienic. You always want to keep your kitchen clean.

The bathroom

Toilet bowl

Everyone knows you should clean the toilet bowl carefully. However, people often overlook the fact that the underside of the toilet seat, the seat securing screws, the base of the bowl, and the area immediately around it all need to be carefully cleaned and sanitized. If you neglect to do this, the filth will continue to accumulate.

A toilet bowl - one of the dirtiest places in your home
Toilet bowls require a lot of careful cleaning!


The bath also requires special attention. If you have a standalone bath, pay attention to its underside and rim, where bits of bathwater and soap can trickle and accumulate. In both a bath and a shower, you need to pay attention to the drain and make sure it never gets clogged since it increases the accumulation of filth inside the tub. Finally, you should scrub down your bath periodically with the appropriate cleaning supplies. If you have just moved in, you will want to hire professional cleaners to sanitize the place properly.

Bathroom rugs

If you use rugs in your bathroom, make sure to wash them often. If left alone, bits of water and soap can accumulate on them and cause health problems.

Hand towels 

Similarly, hand towels should be changed and washed often. Water left on them can lead to mold and bacteria growth, which will both smell bad and serve as a health risk.

The bedroom


It is hard to properly clean your mattress. They dry slowly, and some are just impossible to wash due to their composition. However, all the sweat, dirt, and even hair you lose during sleep can end up accumulating on your mattress, so it is imperative to clean it occasionally. A move is a great opportunity to do this, especially if you are relocating in spring when the weather is a bit warmer. Moving combined with spring cleaning might sound overwhelming, but it is much better than sleeping on a filthy mattress.

A dog on a bed
Having a pet can quickly turn your mattress into one of the dirtiest places in your home!


You change pillowcases often, but similarly to your mattresses, most people neglect to wash pillows. Thankfully, it is much easier to wash them than a mattress, so the issue is much less complicated to solve. 


Often handled gadgets and computer equipment

People use their mouse, keyboard, mobile phone, headphones, and remotes all the time. It is precisely because we handle them often and take them outside that they accumulate a lot of filth and grime. One reason people neglect to clean them is that they can be delicate. This is one of the fundamental reasons why offices use professional cleaners. However, you can learn how to do it yourself if you want to avoid serious health hazards.

Upholstered surfaces

People tend to immediately collapse on their couch after a hard day at work. This is normal but means that the upholstered surfaces on such furniture accrue a lot of dirt. Similarly to mattresses, they can be hard to clean, but spring cleaning or a move offer an excellent chance to do it. In such a situation, you can hire Pro Movers Miami, and while your items are in the hands of professionals, dedicate your time to cleaning! 

Backpacks, purses, and wallets

As items you take everywhere with you when going outside, it is only natural they get dirty. Yet, people wash their clothes all the time and neglect washing their backpacks, purses, and wallets.

A backpack on the ground
Backpacks can get particularly dirty since we sometimes leave them on the ground.

Light switches and doorknobs

Another example of things we use immediately after coming in from outside. In light of the recent events, people have a better awareness of the problem and have started using services such as electrostatic disinfection, but you should still remember to clean them often!

Bowls and pet toys can get quite dirty very quickly. This is not only bad for your health but the health of your pet as well! Remember to clean them thoroughly and often, just as you would your own dishes and belongings.

Final Words

There is a lot to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning. However, we hope that our list of the dirtiest places in your home can help you improve your quality of life and health. Remember the fact that you should not only clean the obvious areas, and we are sure you will stay hale and hearty! 

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