ROI of Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

If you’re thinking whether to go inhouse or to hire a professional cleaning company for your business, you might be a bit surprised on the return on your investment. Truth be told, a professional commercial cleaning company can actually wind up making you money, compared to using your own regular staff to do the janitorial cleaning, up until now. Pinning down an exact return on your investment may be a little difficult to quantify unless you consider all the specifics of your particular business. We’ll attempt to steer you in the right direction. Here are some areas that you should  expect to see substantial savings for your business.

1. Save on Staffing Costs

What purpose was your staff hired? Not cleaning I’m guessing.  They were not trained effectively and efficiently to do the cleaning so chances are they will be subpar at it.  Utilizing your staff for cleaning can end up being a big waste of time and money for your business.

When hiring a professional commercial cleaning company for your business, you will be freeing up your company’s staff so they can more effectively focus on the jobs they were hired for.  You will also get the nice benefit of professional cleaning services in a cost-effective manner and timely manner.

If you already employ an existing commercial cleaning company for limited tasks but you are still looking for ways to cut costs, you may want to consider using that same commercial cleaning company on a more permanent or semi-permanent basis.  Most professional commercial cleaning companies will offer attractive deals for long term customers.

2. Grow Productivity

Think about it, when your staff is not spending time on a random cleaning task they will have more time to focus on their job expertise and their unfinished job responsibilities.

Most smart business managers would not prefer their staff worrying about cleaning the toilet instead of serving their customers.  A focused staff is much more productive than one who has to multi-task, begrudgingly taking on tasks they’re not properly trained for.

3. Create a Better Work Environment

Are your employees uncomfortable, distracted, or seemingly always sick? Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company will mean having a healthier workplace for your workforce.   Consistent sanitizing and disinfection of all high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, table surfaces and walls will reduce the risk of infection and reduce workforce absences and sickness. Commercial grade vacuuming of carpeting with HEPA vacuum filters will remove allergens, debris and dust in the carpet as well as the air.

All these things will assist in creating a clean and healthy work place and ultimately a healthier workforce with fewer employee absenteeism.

4. Ensure Staff Safety

Professional commercial cleaning helps you fulfil your company’s responsibility in providing your workforce with a safe work environment.  A professionally cleaned building, office, facility or shop can minimize the risks of accidents which is why It’s so important to give this the proper consideration. For many businesses, health and safety requirements are a consideration for maintaining a business license or for certain professional accreditation renewals.

Commercial cleaning company’s will keep detailed records of cleaning schedules for employers to help minimize business liability. Without a doubt, your business and your workforce will be more productive and benefit from a safer, cleaner work environment.

5. Prevent Unnecessary Expenditures

If you’ve decided to have your office cleaned in-house using your normal workforce, your business will need to purchase equipment (vacuum, dusters, mops, etc) and cleaning set-up (cleaning solutions, polish, cloths, brooms, dusters, etc).  

Proper cleaning equipment, heap vacuums, filters and sanitizing supplies as well as adopting a color code system to prevent cross contamination can be expensive for an individual business. Less quality equipment will only result in poorer quality less efficient, less effective cleanings. There could be times when you may need a specific cleaning solution, whether it’s commercial grade de-scalers or hospital-grade disinfectants. This could be a time absorbing effort just trying to source these things. Time is money for most businesses.

Money down the drain

Sanitizing PROS Janitorial Services uses the best, most up to date equipment with the most effective cleaning solutions that will help our customers obtain the best professional cleaning possible.   We customize our cleaning process to meet our client’s specific requests. We offer a wide spectrum of services from many types of carpet cleaning methods to stain and odor removal and treatment. 

6. Reduce Repairs & Replacements

Another (ROI) return on investment benefit from hiring a professional commercial cleaning company for your business needs is that you can relax and be sure your property will be better cared for, therefore it’s likely to require less maintenance, repairs and expensive replacement.   Regularly scheduled commercial carpet steam or dry cleaning can reduce replacement costs by keeping your carpets and furniture in top condition.

Mold developing in office carpets and furniture is a health hazard to your staff. Regularly cleaning those susceptible materials and surfaces found in more humid conditions will have less of a chance to develop illness causing mold.   

In summary your business can save money on replacements and repairs of carpet, upholstery and furnishings if you employ the professional services of a commercial cleaning company for your cleaning requirements.

7. Impress Your Clients

A clean office will represent your business well by impressing & appealing to customers.  It demonstrates you care about them and their customer experience by investing in the extra care in how your business presents.  A professional cleaning company is trained to see all the areas that will need that special cleaning attention.  A good cleaning company will work to impress your customers which can result in more sales for your business.

8. Valuable Time Saved

Business owners have more important things to do than to think about whether or not the office has been properly cleaned.

If you hire a professional commercial cleaning company to do the job, your time will be freed up to focus on much more important business activities such as growing your brand and increasing your profits.

Choose Sanitizing PROS as Your Professional Cleaning Company

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The benefits of working with a good professional commercial cleaning company is that you will not just get superior quality but you will also save money and be able to focus on growing your business as a direct result of it.

Sanitizing PROS is one of South Florida’s best professional commercial cleaning companies.  For detailed information about our wide range of complete janitorial services or a free quote: Call Sanitizing PROS Janitorial Services today at 561-401-0732

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